Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dutch Bishop Urges Christians to Call God 'Allah'

Tiny Muskens, the bishop of Breda, Netherlands, asserts that the assimilation of Islamic citizens into the fabric of society would be facilitated by the rest of the good Dutch citizenry referring to God as 'Allah" in all manners and media. Of course, the good Bishop does not suggest that we mean it, necessarily. And we can trust his particular insights into the mind of God himself as we are assured by Fr. Muskens that it makes little difference what we call the divine creator.

While I am relatively certain that the Judeo-Christian God whom I have chosen to serve cares little for such labels (He who has no name and who even referred to himself solely through the declaration of his existence, "I Am"), it is even more certain that the Muslim population will not be convinced of my conversion if I continue to wear a golden cross about my neck. Surely this must go as well, for what does God care if a wear cross of crescent to express my faith?

And the uneducated terrorists are unlikely to spare me if I cry out to Allah whilst referring to the doctrines of mercy and forgiveness in the context of divine sacrifice, service, and the equality of all mankind. I do not believe that such concepts are properly taught in the Madrassas and safe-houses of Al Anbar'. Perhaps I should therefore only cry out references to the 79 virgins I will undoubtedly receive upon my death.

It seems that I have another problem--I am rather fond of Israel as a whole and that simply will not do. And further still, I regularly associate with known Jews. How thoughtless of me!

And to think that we, in our impertinence, have suggested that our Muslim brothers in arms simple adopt a policy of tolerance toward other religions! I will immediately remove the well-worn biography of Thomas Jefferson from my bookshelf and tear-up my hallowed copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. See...easily done!

Isn't this all a small price to pay in order to help the Islamo-fascists assimilate into our culture?

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Read the 'World Net Daily' article for yourself.

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