Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BOOM!... or Rather (boom?)

So it appears that North Korea either fired off a small nuke or they shoved a couple of M80 Firecrackers into the nuclear toilet to make a big noise. The scientific data over the next few days will tell the tale for certain. But making a big noise was point of the whole exercise, wasn't it?

And make a big noise they have. For those who practice moral equivalency out there (Example: Let's just say that Ted Turner is an ass. I mean if you are so "out there" that Jane Fonda can't take it anymore--then you are a real ass.), this is a good thing. After all, we have nukes, so why shouldn't Kim Jong Il (aside from the fact that his name is Kim Jong Il)?

I will, for now, side-step the us vs. them mentality of the election cycle. We flagellate ourselves every two years at the polls. Fair enough. For those who may be reading this that call themselves moderates or undecided, let us make a balance of the scales.

Who do we want to have Nukes or other Weapons of Mass Destruction?

On the Right side of the scale we have your choice of recent American President: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (GHW), Clinton, or Bush (HW). You also have certain foreign leaders such as Blair (or his immanent successor), Chirac, other Euro, et al.

On the Left side of the scale you have Ahmadinejad, Jong Il, Saadam (thankfully in a cell), Castro, al-Bashir, Quaddhafi, etc.

As the scale teeter-totters back and forth in your imagination, decide for yourself if there is any difference or if the scale is better when balanced by nukes on both sides. If you hate our current president--I don't really understand that, but OK for you--decide who you would prefer holding the nuclear football. Do you see a difference?

In the meantime, North Korea is making noise. The timing of which seems un-naturally close to our bi-yearly exercise in messy democracy. It is as if the rush to pop that cork was to be in some way a distraction. Hmmmmm......

In the final analysis, let me just say that I see a difference between the likes of the United States and the Nuttier Korea--and Iran, and Sudan, and the rest. And even if you think that the term "Axis of Evil" is a stretch, at least the expression is on the Right side of the scale. Take a look at a picture of Kim Jong Il and decide if you are comfortable with his finger on any button more important than a PlayStation (I hear his favorite game is DOOM). Further…ask yourself if we should be doing something about it.

- Huckleberry

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Thomas Aurilius said...

Good job! I never understand why those lefties don't see a difference. Kim Jong Il with a nuke is almost as scary as Al Frankin with a microphone!